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Hemp Wraps 101

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Hemp Wraps 101

Do you enjoy smoking blunts, but don’t want the taste or buzz of the tobacco overshadowing your preferred herbs? It can be hard to find a better alternative, especially when tiny rolling papers simply don’t provide the same experience as a blunt. With all natural hemp wraps, you finally have a cleaner alternative to the traditional cigar wrap. Keeping it old school is cool and all, until you remember that blunt wraps have been linked to increased chances of heart attacks, chronic lung disease, strokes, cervical and kidney cancers, and damaged blood vessels. With hemp wraps, you’re saving your body from ingesting the carcinogens associated with tobacco use, all while supporting a more eco-friendly wrap. Win-Win.

What is a Hemp Wrap?

What is a Hemp Wrap

Hemp wraps are made out of (you guessed it) hemp. These are different than your traditional blunt wrap because they don’t contain tobacco or nicotine, meaning when you roll up your herb and smoke, you won’t get that nicotine buzz blunts are known for. There’s a common misconception that these wraps can get you high because they are a hemp product, but that isn’t actually the case. Hemp wraps do not contain THC, so they cannot get you high and no, they won’t show up on your next drug test.

How Do I Roll a Hemp Wrap?

  1. Rolling a wrap is actually much more simple than it appears. Grind your herb

  2. (Optional) Tuck a filter in the corner of the hemp wrap, rolling it slightly to create a small pocket.

  3. Pack your herb evenly across the length of the wrap

  4. Tuck and roll your herb until you have a cigar shape

  5. Lick the side where the sugar-based glue is to seal the roll (because these aren’t your usual rolling papers, you may need a lot more saliva to get it to stick.)

  6. Spark it up!

How Do I Store my Hemp Wraps?

How to store Hemp Wraps

It’s imperative to store your hemp wraps properly when not in use. Because hemp dries out so quickly, you’ll want to make sure you are storing your wraps in an airtight container, such as a mason jar, large stash jar, that tupperware your mom got you (sorry, mom), or any other container that can fully seal. Make sure you include some kind of humidity source when storing as well. This can be a Hydrostone or even a damp paper towel, anything to avoid the tragic tear when you try to roll your next blunt. Unlike traditional papers, you do not need to store these in the freezer to keep them fresh. In fact, doing so may speed up their dehydration, and again, we’re trying to avoid the tragedy of your wraps ripping and crumbling.

The Benefits of Rehydrating Hemp Wraps

So, you took all the proper steps and still wound up with a dry wrap? We’ve all been there. To rehydrate your wrap, there are several easy routes to take. First, you could DIY your hemp wraps back to life by putting a damp paper towel in a jar with your wraps for an hour.

Additionally, you could pick up a hydrostone, which are specially made with tiny pores that lock in moisture to keep both your herb and your wraps hydrated when stored in a jar together. Using a hydrostone is easy and can be done in just a few steps:

1. Drop hydrostone into water and let sit for 5-10 minutes
2. Remove hydrostone from water and pat dry
3. Place the hydrostone into a sealed container with wraps
4. Allow the wraps and hydrostone to sit for 15-30 mins

The Best Hemp Wraps on the Market

High Hemp

High Hemp
These wraps are everything you need in one package, equipped with two papers, two filters, and a packing stick. With a subtle hint of berry, you’ll enjoy the complimentary flavor alongside your herb without having the taste overpowered by the roll. High Hemp is one of the best on the market as they are completely GMO-free, organic, vegan, and grown without any pesticides or growth stimulants. Enjoy a green, clean smoke with these wraps, and maybe even split it with a friend.



Go for a low key smoke break with the cannawraps. Similarly vegan, the glue strip on these wraps are made from acacia sugar instead of the typical chemical glue on traditional cigar papers. This brand also grows their hemp without pesticides, and their wraps have no artificial fillers or additives, meaning you’re getting an eco-friendly wrap, every time.


Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay
These wraps keep it as old school as possible, even going so far as to lightly toast their hemp to mimic the sensation and look of a traditional blunt wrap. One of the cheaper wraps you can purchase, it comes with two per package so you can share the fun. Go back to your roots with these hemp wraps- without the added carcinogens of smoking a blunt.


Lion Rolling Circus

Lion Rolling Circus
These eccentric wraps are sure to catch your eye with their unique packaging and name. However, don’t underestimate them. These wraps are more than just a pretty face to look at. The glue isn’t in a straight line, instead, it’s snaked across the edge to ensure a better seal. Similarly nicotine and GMO-free, these wraps come in a total of three delicious flavors to enjoy.


Primal Wraps

Primal Wraps
Primal wraps are also GMO-free and ethically made, these wraps aren’t your typical hemp wraps. (Made in the Dominican Republic and in flavors like sage and cocoa bean, these hemp wraps were crafted carefully by the finest in the business, so you can experience an exotic and clean smoke break.) The best part: these two rolls come in a resealable package, so your wraps can stay fresher, longer.


Hemp wraps are an obvious upgrade from your old blunt wraps. Designed to roll smoothly, and evergreen when stored with a hydrostone, these wraps will take your blunts to the next level. With so many brands producing their own wraps, its easy to enjoy vegan, ethically sourced blunts in a variety of flavors. Smoking hemp wraps are not only better for you, with no tobacco or addictive additives, but also for Mother Earth. Hemp is a naturally derived plant that is beneficial in so many ways, and my smoking hemp products, you’re helping reduce our carbon footprint. If you made the switch from blunt to hemp wraps, tell us your favorite brand and flavor in the comments below!

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