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The Best Filters and Tips Every Roll-Your-Own Smoker Needs

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Every OG smoker has burnt their fingers in an effort to enjoy every last puff on a J, but those days are long gone. With all the developments in smoking culture, this is no longer an issue thanks to the ever-handy tip or filter. “Tip” is a catch-all term for filters, also called crutches, though some filters are actually like cigarette filters packed with plant fibers. Tips and filters not only help prevent singeing of the fingertips and lips, but they also stop ash and loose smoking herbs from being inhaled, assist with perfecting the roll, allow more airflow in your fatty for optimal burning, and prevent any squandering of your herb since you can keep puffing down to the tip. Some tips even cool and filtrate the smoke. There are several types of tips out there: glass tips, pre-rolled filters and tips, and roll your own crutches, each with their own pros. Let’s talk about which type of tip best fits your rolling style.

Which type of smoking tip is right for me?

Glass Filter Tips

If you like the finer things in life, show off your class with a glass tip. These are the most expensive kind of tips because they are made of glass. Prices typically range from $2 (OG Tips is a great starting point) to $7 or $8 for your beloved brands like RAW. They are available in several sizes so you can roll whatever suits your sesh, from pinners to fatties. RAW glass turbo tips are twisted to give the user a bigger, smoother draw. Some brands even offer options for mouthpieces, flat or round. Glass tips are a great choice since you can reuse them. Soak them in some rubbing alcohol for cleaning and you’re good. Just be careful that you don’t toss your glass tip once you're done with your smoke; post-sesh forgetfulness is real.

Pre-Rolled Filter Tips

Next in line: pre-rolled tips and filters. These can be made of thick paper or plant material. RAW makes several types; hemp paper rolled up into perfectly round crutches, unrefined cotton filters, and cellulose filters. The cotton and cellulose filters may take slightly more lung power since the plant fibers are thicker, but you will love the smoothness of the puff as they capture some of the harshness and pollutants. Definitely put Rolls 69 Pocket Filters on your list (and in your cart) as these smart filters come in a couple of sizes though they are on the smaller side, 6mm, and 7mm. Rolls laser cuts each filter to create a perfectly constructed tip that will cool the smoke and trap some of the impurities. You will not be disappointed!

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How do I roll my own crutch filter for smoking?

I saved my personal favorite for last; the original DIY tip AKA a “crutch”. These are small pieces of paper that come in a tiny booklet. For a very small price (I’m talking about $.75 to $2) you can get 50 tips. That’s a lot of smokes! You just tear out one of these bad boys, fold, and roll it to build a tip that will expand to your rolled masterpiece. This means you can use them for wraps too! Tips are easy to roll:

  1. Tear out the paper.
  2. Make about a half centimeter size fold on one end.
  3. Make another half centimeter size fold after the first fold making a Z. *Optional: make a third fold to create a W.
  4. From the opposite end of your fold, start rolling the tip up to the folds.
  5. Wrap the roll over the folds.

See our video for a demonstration. The thing I love most about the rollable tips is that you can make them into art pieces. Once you get the basic roll down, then you can move up to fun shapes within the crutch, like a heart or leaf.

Rolling with filters and tips is now considered the norm in most rotations. Gone are the days of being handed a soggy-ended cigarette. You don’t want to roll up sans filter and have your circle turn their noses up at your primitive pre-roll. Tips and crutches are such an easy way to enhance your smoking experience. That little device can do so much like improve the airflow and burn of your smoke, stop your fingertips from burning, and help you waste less herb as you can hit it until you reach the filter! Some brands like RAW and Pure Hemp make it even more convenient for you by selling combo packs of papers with tips. That said, there is no reason to not be rolling with crutches!

We love hearing from you! In the comments below, tell us your favorite way to roll a crutch. 

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