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The Smoker’s Guide to Festival Season

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Music festivals and smoking go together like Woodstock and hippies, Forrest and Jenny, peanut butter and jelly, Kylie and lip kits. If you’ve been missing your summer nights out, you’re in luck: festival season is upon us and the time to start preparing is here. Though it sounds fun to take a spontaneous trip off the cuff, it is not as exciting in practice. To avoid a potential disaster (Fyrefest, anyone?), follow our 5 tips that will ensure you will have the best festival experience with your best friends and buds.

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Tip #1: Know the Venue

5 Festival Tips Prepare

First off, it's a good idea to scout out the festival venue before the day of the event, even if that means searching online for the layout. If you plan on smoking while there, you’ll want to make note of where the smoking areas are. If there are camping opportunities available, consider taking full advantage of that to really revel in that whole Woodstock, bohemian experience. When you choose to camp at a festival, you and your friends get to save money on a hotel room, in addition to not fighting to find parking in those never ending concert parking lot lines.

Next up, check your venue’s policy on smoking as many of them do not allow any form of smoking herbs inside the venue, which means you need to get crafty with where you hide your goods or figure out a plan B, like smoking beforehand. You also want to find out if they allow outside water and food, which is both helpful for staying as hydrated as possible as well as some opportunities for sneaking in your herbs- but we’ll get to that later.

Tip#2: Pack Your Smoking Kit

Smoking Kit Puff Pack

This is not the time to bust out your most prized water pipe as that will only make it all the more heartbreaking when it’s inevitably confiscated by security or is accidentally dropped by your friends. Instead, opt for something easy and at the right price point, like rolling papers or a one-hitter. If you’ll be smoking combustibles, make sure to overpack lighters and matches because there is nothing worse than roaming the festival grounds looking for a light after realizing one of your newest “friends” pocketed yours after sharing a smoke session. Using a vape is another excellent option and is unlikely to get taken by security, given the prevalence of e-cigs within the public sphere, plus they are discreet and easy to conceal. Don’t forget to bring some general housekeeping items as well, such as gum or mints to alleviate any cottonmouth, eyedrops, and some perfume to help cover the scent.

Tip#3: Keep it Out of Sight

Puff Pack Out of Sight

To keep the good times rolling, you might need to be a little sneaky to get your gear into the venue. Some old school hiding places for your tobacco accessories like tucking it into your underwear, bra or in your socks and shoes are usually your best bet. A lot of people turn to tape to smooth out any obvious lines and lumps under your clothes, though we’d caution you to find duct tape meant to be used on skin or else you’ll wind up with the world’s worst wax- ouch! For a less invasive option, you can also pack a few prerolls in an old cigarette box as well since cigarettes are almost always allowed in.

Since some security has gotten wise to the usual suspects, it’s a good idea to get creative with your hiding spots! If your venue allows canteens or watter bottles, use that as a perfect cubby for your preferred herbs and paraphernalia. Female hygiene products can prove to be a happy sight when you use them as a lockbox for your stash. Put a preroll in the tampon tube, and easily reseal the glue of the packaging with a quick bit of heat from a hairdryer.

If you’re still too scared to bring your smokes with you, try some infused goodies if they allow food inside. An infused picnic can turn a good concert into a great concert. If the venue doesn’t allow outside snacks, eat your goodies before you head into the venue, and (once you’re done driving) make sure to give it 30 mins to an hour to kick in.

Tip#4: Festival Camping

Festival Camping

If you’ll be attending a festival that has campgrounds, make a list of everything you’ll need well in advance as you won’t have the luxury of running back to your house or hotel room for any forgotten item. There are some obvious things you should pack, like a few changes of clothes, proper footwear, toiletries, tent, sleeping bag, food, etc. These also have the potential to be used as hiding places for all your smoking gear, like wrapping your stash in your sleeping which will provide added padding to reduce the likelihood of it smelling. Make sure you’re prepared and have enough water for drinking, to ensure you’re staying hydrated, but also extra water to create a makeshift shower or hand washing station, as campgrounds can get messy.

Tip#5: Stay Safe

Stay Safe

I know we’re all used to brushing it off when someone tells us to “be safe” (hi, mom) but it’s super important, especially at festivals where you’re prone to dehydration, being a victim of theft, alcohol poisoning, or low blood sugar. The list is long and contrary to what you might believe, you are not invincible. Summer festivals are notorious for heat exhaustion, so make certain you are taking all the necessary precautions to keep yourself hydrated and well rested. Make sure to reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours and stay in the shade when you can. You do not want to become infamous for passing out at the best point in the concert and forcing others to nurture you back to health.

If you aren’t camping at the venue, consider taking a Lyft to and from the concert to avoid any potential danger of driving under the influence. If you know you’re partaking in some of the extracurriculars at the venue, never get behind the wheel. To keep the good times rolling all weekend long, take all necessary precautions to keep you and your squad safe. If you need a Lyft code, click the car below.
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This festival season, be the prepared friend and pack accordingly. Whether you’re heading out to Coachella, or simply going to a local band’s gig in the park, you’ll be glad you over prepared to avoid a potential disaster. Following these few, simple steps will ensure whatever festival you’re attending, the experience will be one for the books.

We love hearing from you! In the comments below, tell us your best tips and tricks for smokers to use at outdoor concerts and music festivals.

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