My Pack

Link... Link... wake up..

Wake up Go back to sleep

Link! Thank goodness your awake!

A fairy has finally come to you! It is time to begin your adventure!

Tell me more Go back to sleep

Go see Professor Oak at once!

He will help you find all the Dragonballs!

Okay! Go See Professor Oak Go back to sleep

Hiya Link! You're off to save Princess Zelda eh? Why not take a Pokemon with you!

Choose Bulbasaur Choose Charmander Choose Squirtle Go back to sleep

The Pokeball is empty

I'm sorry Ash. It looks like that one is already chosen.

Choose again. What else you got?

I think there is one more Pokemon..

Here is one more Pokeball. But I must warn you he is a fiesty little fella

Open Pokeball Nah.


Congratuations! You recieved a Lv 5 Pikachu! Fork this pen to continue the adventure!

Start over

You recieved Bulbasaur

Go grass type! I hope we don't enounter a Charmander..

Start our journey as a Pokemon trainer