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Holiday Gift Guide - 2018

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The holidays are here already, but don’t stress - Puff Pack is here to help! We know that this time of year can be chaotic so we took all of our favorite things and put them into three gift bundles to help make your holiday shopping quick and easy. These bundles will be sure to make all of your smoker buddies as happy as Santa himself.

Campers Day Out

The Campers Day Out Pack is for all of you nature lovers! We curated a nice set of our favorite portable smoking accessories that are perfect for your modern outdoor hippie friends. Loaded up with little goodies like a 3 pack of s’mores flavored Juicy Jay rolling papers, an I-Tal hemp wick, a 2 pack of Cyclone Hemp cones and an MK mini torch lighter with a lighter leash so Sasquatch can't swipe your cool new stuff. Next up is the Medtainer, which is an airtight storage container with a built-in grinder that will be perfect to use next to the campfire. Last but not least is the Top Puff, a tight contraption that lets you turn any water bottle into a bubbler. This nifty bundle is perfect for those who like to pack light and are green-minded.

Campers Bundle

  • Top Puff
  • Juicy Jay's Marshmallow Papers 1 1/4
  • Juicy Jay's Chocolate Papers 1 1/4
  • Juicy Jay's Chocolate Chip Cookie Papers 1 1/4
  • Cyclone Hemp Cones
  • Green Medtainer
  • I-TAL Hemp Wick
  • Silicone Spoon Pipe
  • Lighter Leash
  • MK Lighter

Premo Pack

The pack to end all packs, the Premo is something to behold. Filled with products that are long-lasting and durable, this pack has it all, from a cone grinder to hemp wicks. It comes with an airtight jar to hold your valuable smoking herbs fresh, RAW classic cone 6 pack, Juicy Jay candy cane rolling papers, and a 4 pack of Christmas lighters. However, the best part might be the premium glass mirrored honeycomb perc rig that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Preemo Bundle

  • Mirrored Honeycomb Perc Rig
  • Leaf Lock UV Blocking Stash Jar
  • RAW Classic Cones 6Pk
  • Juicy Jay's Candy Cane Papers 1 1/4
  • Christmas Clippers 4 pack
  • Cone Roller/Grinder
  • I-TAL Hemp Wick

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Festivus, everyone on your nice list will be filled with joy after getting one of these bundles. Santa himself will be jealous of your gifting skills after all of your friends freak out about their unique and useful smoking accessories. This year, make your friends merry and bright by giving them the most lit gift of all.