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I loved it

Loved the glass piece.

Solid and beautiful glass piece. I didn't care for the hemp wraps but I liked the cones and some of the other smaller items are nice.


Simply amazing. Simple packaging. Fucking loved it. Will continue to order.


I thought it was great and no problem

Great company!

Love getting my puff packs! So many goodies for such a good price and the glass pieces are a plus! My favorite part about them is the cyclones!


Needs to have things for water bongs eg: cone pices ect

Good products

I love the accessories given in the pack, they always seem to come in handy! Nice diversity hope they always mix it up. Worth your money.

Amazing Love it !!

i’ve got about 5 box now and i’ve been extremely satisfied with all of them! great ideas!

Favorite piece

We received this piece last year in one of the puff packs. We broke it and have been trying to get a replacement. Finally found it in the store and had to order it. Great pipe

This is a SCAM

I NEVER got the box delivered to my house


The Mediator

Good pack for the price

The pre rolled blunts were great and I loved the stash jar. I wasn't a big fan of the feel of the price this month but the wife did so no harm there. Never had a glass price that had a double bowl. The other stuff was great and a necessity. The pipe cleaners had little groves on them which really make all the difference

Happy camper

It was actually really good box and I was only trying it out now I put my bestfriend on to it.

First puff pack

I absolutely loved it! Amazing price and high quality products! Will totally keep ordering!!


The Mediator


I luv it thank you so much

Love the surprise

Loved everything I received loved the element of surprise


I ordered a bong with my kit they gave me a bowl piece instead but I got everything else I ordered so it was ok kinda

Love em!

Can’t find these wraps around me so this makes it much easier


Amazing stuff specially for the affordable price just wow

Mystery hemp wrap

I recieved 2 toasted hemp wraps. They smell like chocolate to me and it had a very smooth inhale. The after taste was great. I would recommend them to anyone looking for something different and unique

Not really taste good

I prefer mauimango wraps!


Love the papers and wraps I get

Love it!!!

I love these mystery items. It’s like a present every month.

Loved it

Loved the glass piece