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Bic Lighter


One of my favorite ones yet and actually hits like a champ

the artisan....

Loved it, cant wait to see whats in my next box. I didnt really like the elephant pipe but thats ok me and my friend traded.She gets a puff box also. Ans also loves it!

Glass of the month

I love it

Pretty good

Cotton candy was fun, but had a hard time keeping it rolled

I'm very gay

That is live af I be listening to my gay music and getting high as a kite


Great reward every month

Awesome. Worth every penny

This was my first puff pack, and I am very pleased. The glass was really cool, and almost immediately became my go-to piece out of my collection of 8+ other water pipes. Will definitely keep this subscription, especially at the lower price

Coconut mystery rolling papers

I love getting a new surprise pack of rolling papers each month, it allows me to try new brands/flavors that I wouldnt otherwise purchase. I received coconut juicy jays last month, which although good papers are not my favorite flavor

The economist

Everything I needed in one convenient package delivered right to my door! Great service. Lost a star from high shipping charge


I look forward to the middle of every month as I know a puff puck will be arriving !
I am always so pleased with the essentials I receive !
10/10 amazing !


Was very pleased and more then I thought

Artisan pack

I really liked it and will get it again. I got the extra glass and did not understand it would be the same piece as came with the pack. No worries still liked it. Would be nice to have the option of getting a diffrent glass when and extra is ordered.


I love that this pack Includes a one hitter piece. It’s a great pack for beginner smokers bc it gives you everything you need to be ready for a mini session alone or with friends

Love my puff pack

Loved all the items in my box especially the vegan blunt raps not a big blunt smoker any more but getting back to it with those raps. Loved my glass piece unfortunately 5days after i recieved it and decided to use it, it ended up braking due to my dam butter fingers lol.. Thinking of getting a bigger pack next time. Thanks you guys are awesome !

Loooove it .

This was my first time ordering from any stoner subscription box and I am super happy with it . The chillum I got was exactly my style and I’ve used it every day since. The other items have all come in handy too . Only downside would be that the brand of wraps they send are not all that great. Had to throw them away. But I will definitely be ordering from this company again :)

Puff pack

It was ok it could of had more blunt wraps or papers

Mystery pack

Never fails to amazing me every month

Gift pack

I gifted the mediator pack to my new boyfriend and I got major points in our relationship Lol. The glass pieces are TOP quality and completely worth the money. He loves getting new items and delivered to his house. I ordered 3 months and just added another 3 to his subscription. LOVE your products!! Thank you!!!


Great little subscription box

Glass of the month

Piece had scratch on it. :/


Was damaged and open

A fun surprise!

I was tickled to get my first puff pack! Accessories are limited in my area and are often over priced. Being able to creat a pack that was to my specifications meant I didn't feel like a bunch of useless items would show up. I was very excited to share with friends. The one suggestion I would make is to add a "stash bag/box" as an option amongst the accessories. Otherwise, props to the curators who fnd the cool stuff! Can't wait to get my next pack!!! To other reviewers, GET SOME PIPE CLEANERS, don't complain about about a piece getting clogged. You are the one smoking sticky stuff. Enjoy!


RAW Rolling Papers


The Artisan


Awesome and convincing!!!!

Cool pack

Nice ready buy a bigger box


Very nice glass piece. Everything else was a generic smoking accessory that most already have.


I like what I got but I got it once before already and a pipe that’s almist exactly like one I got before


Simple design, but had cracks in the glass.


Absolutely love my premium puffpack

Never received my first order

I never received my first order and I don’t have an order number. I ordered through a 2nd party site.


They make is so easy to roll a joint

Fantastic subscription service

This was the best subscription service I have ever tried. All of the products were high quality and sooo much fun! I still can't believe that it took me so long to find out about this. There was not one thing we didn't like or can't use and it was well worth the price. Packaging was discreet and shipping was fast. Cannot wait for our next one! Thank you guys for a great adult smoke treat!

Same as first box, essentially.

Looking for more variety. This is my second delivery with PP so we will see how this goes.


The Economist

Puff pack

It was great I really enjoyed my puff pack , can’t wait for my second one !


We loved it can't wait I'll the next box

Fantastic , I love it

I love the packaging and the great deals

Awesome Pack!

After paying for my mystery pack I thought I was going to wait a week or so. Nope! Came in 2 days and I was fully satisfied! I will remain a loyal customer :) Stay high friends

Loved it

Although I have to learn to roll

Great little pack

I was really happy with what I got from them and the pack itself was really nice and good for the price


It was okay, nothing spectacular.


I ordered the mystery box for my very first puff pack. It was a decent box with some cheap items, and a nice glass bubbler. The bubbler was broken, unfortunately. Such a bummer. That piece, if not broken, would have turned the rating to 4 stars. Bummer. Next time I will just buy the bubbler piece. The rest of the stuff was just ok.

love it

only complaint wish my lighter matched my grinder

Love my puff pack!

Love the puff pack. Helps when i run out of papers and that day my papers and lighter come. I love it. Id love to uograde my package!

Not exciting for the most expensive pack

Glass was cheap and came with a bunch of stuff I could of got at a smoke shop for cheaper. Only good part was cbd papers and lighter


Was fun to get neat new things to try

Always amazing

Its starting to be a fun thing every month whats in the box thanks y'all killn it

So great