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The Mystery Pack

Puff Pack Review

Great pack with awesome accessories.


Pipe Cleaners (5)


I want to cancel my account


Glass of the Month

First time buyer

Was very pleased with what came in my box. Glass was good quality. Won't use the 3 bowl spoon much or gravity key. Nor the papers. Still worth the deal and will be nice additions to my collection.


I loved everything in the package the bowl is just amazing

Awesome ack!

So many things I like and I love the bong. It’s grest that everything I get is something I will actually use.

Good bang for the buck

Great assortment of items, wish I would have received a water pipe instead of a dry pipe, but that's just my preference. Great novelty smoking items are included as well. All in all, a great box if you don't mind dry pipes, on occasion they do include water pipes, but you never know when, hence, "mystery box".

Love it

Really enjoyed this pack, I love the gravity bong adapter and the three bowl pipe.


For my very first time, it was great to receive everything through the mail instead of going to the store and hoping for them to have what I need.

A steal!

I'm honestly very, very pleased with this company! I wasn't sure what to expect, because the prices are so cheap for what you receive! But the quality of all the products are excellent!! I will be ordering from this company often- I love my subscription!! :) I'm looking forward to the next piece of the month.


I loved my puff pack

I love your products

Everytime I open your package, something always makes me happy I can purchase such great merchandise. I love the beaver tail pipes, long neck bongs, and the bubblers. Keep sending the goodies


Pack contained many duplicate items we don’t make use of, such as wicks, screens and plastic grinders. The stand out item was the gravity bong topper.

It was ok

I like everything about my box , but when am I gonna ever use a 3 bowl bowl? Glass was nice and I liked the thickness of it. Will get another just hope it's a rig haven't gotten one yet.

Bang for your buck

Great assortment of accessories and products for what you pay for. Great glass accessories and other products.

Amazing piece

Amazing piece but was hoping for more wraps and a grinder and stuff

Raw-some like awesome but with raw papers

Make these puppies like dat stuff them up tho some thc wax, jelly, honey(with thc of course) let them sit for a few hours and damn them joints burn slow

Mystery one hitter

Once again you guys have nailed it. My one hitter is perfect nice big bowl easy to conceal and carry. Little bonus to readers. The one hitter and a clipper lighter fit nicely inside the meditainer.


Glass of the Month

My newest addiction




Awesome assortment. Low price.

All u need for the month and more. The one hitter is worth the whole price of the box and then...there's more.


I enjoyed the glass piece, lighter, eye drops, and grape cones. I gave away the pineapple papers, yuck! There were a few other RAW items which i will not use. All in all, decent. Will get another for sure.

I thought it was Great.

I loved the selection they picked . Great

Mystery Box

I loved the piece that it came with I thought it was very nice. I also liked how the box came with eye drops I needed them so bad. Thank you for the box


Mystery Item

Love it

Smooth not harsh its what i expect of raw products

I thought it was gonna be a bong

very disappointed it wasn't a water piece, still looks pretty cool the inlet hole is pretty big i keep getting scoobs. Still appreciate the affordability of it tho


(Mart) Grinder


A lot of fun and good products

Great supplies

Everything in that box was great everything got put to use, my glass piece was amazing I was shocked to see it was a Sherlock my favorite type of pipe lol so glad I switched from daily high club to pulff pack

Thank you!

The blunt wraps were super dry. Couldn't use them.

Train wreck to paridise

I placed my order and didn’t get any feed back for a couple of days on when my pack was shipped off then it had the wrong zip code so it couldn’t get delivered when planned but once I received it outside of my cyclone cone being dry I had extremely happy with the rest of my items


Lots of useful items, glass piece was an awesome design but the yellow was a bit .. eh? Lol all around pretty rad box tho!

Mystery one hitter

I am very pleased with my glass

Mystery pack

I love it. It always gives me useful items for smoking plus the piece you get is awesome as well

It was awesome

I mean most was useless, or products I've given to friends or had friends to for me. But other Nic nacs were fun and the pipe was awesome


It was great just a little disappointment in the blunt wraps

Great Papers

These papers are easy to roll. They burn smooth and hardly ever run. I recommend these to all of my friends.


Very happy compared to daily high

Love my PuffPack

I've been getting PuffPack for four months. At first it was random but I customized. Now I have eye drops in every room. I put my new pieces in a glass case bc they are cute and colorful! Can't wait to get my next piece!


Loved it want more

Everything I needed

Exactly Everything I wanted and needed was included in this pack now Ill have a steady supply of the essentials for all my smoking needs.


We loved our mystery pack! We cannot wait to order again! Loved the glass that came with it. Papers were dry from being opened and I emailed about it and had a response they were sending more within an hour. So impressed. :)

The peace was the only good part really

The cyclone cones crumbled when I tried fill them. Last one filled just fine, these ones were just dry or something.


I liked everything. Wanna keep it up. Would suggest more basic pipes then the sherlock types. But all in all great

Beyond satisfied

I wasnt sure if i would use all the things included but the glass is beautiful and nice quality and all the products inside have been used! Shipping was fast, and discreet. I cant wait for next months puff pack!!


The Mystery Pack