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I loved it!

I loved my mystery pack and i cant wait to see what else you guys got up your sleeves, very nice work. i cant wait for next months pack.

Was cool

I think you guys can do better!

The mediator

I loved the box, it had so many useful items that I'm still using to this day. It's worth the money and the piece is incredibly nice and useful !!


Did not use a single item that came in this puff pack. The bubble was a horribly ugly color and weird shape to hold. I also do not use joint wraps, metal screens, doob tubes, or silicone snail pipes. The only reason I didn’t give one star was because the torch lighter was cool. would have liked the joint holder or gravity bong piece or anything that was unique, instead got junk. Waste of money and time.

Not the best

This box wasn't the best! The first box was the best. The piece for the gravity bong was a good one too! I would love another one!


The Mystery Pack

Glass of the Month

It came all good but it broke withint 3 days when I was cleaning it up

BUY 2, 3, 4

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PIPE! Hold on to this one!! Use caution in trying to set it down onto a table etc., and walk away. You DON’T want it to break!


I was greatly disappointed in my Mystery Pack, it’s probably my fault for expecting a bigger glass piece.


I liked everything in the box, keep up the good work!

Puff pack

It’s great and all but the number of stuff in it for the 2nd time seems a little , but it was pretty good I enjoyed everything in it ,

I just think there could be more

Great pack

Loved the mystery pack...only thing that was wrong with it was i was missing a piece to the little tube holder

Missing things

I got shipped the premium pack, I got a regular plastic clipper instead of a premium clipper. I oredered a gold clipper aswell to have a gold and premium metal one but I got a blue one of lower quality. I also used my FREEGIFT coupon on checkout and I did not get an extra random gift within the package. I love the packs and I’m just disappointed.

Not at all impressed

Ordering on the website was at best tricky and when i found out you had no customer service phone number it made it worse and then to get a broken piece of glass. That was the final reason why i canceled after 2 boxes

Mystery box

Overall happy with quality price and shipping

Mystery Box

I enjoy the pipes more then everything else. I think you guys should switch up the papers and what not sometimes. Thank you!


My order came in so quick! I was really impressed with how discreet the package came in too! Loving all my products.


I absolutely loved it! It was everything I expected! I loved it sooo meh that I told everyone I know to sing up for it

I received two of the same items

Everything was good I was hoping for some hemp wick or something to clean the bubbler other than that I got two 3 joint holder and the mister item happens to be one of them


i expected to recieve a little more than a small box everything useful but it was a little bit of stuff

Nice for the price

I was happy with the products for the price. Free shipping. I loved it.


Great quality! I was surprised and can’t wait to see what next months will look like


Opening it up felt like Christmas


It was perfect thanks I love it

Awsm website for the puff

I like this web site because this is good for thos .