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Never received my package. Was supposed to get a second one delivered as a result and never got that one either.


It’s totally awesome and the reason I gave 4 rated stars was because it took too long to get here when it supposed to be here a least 8-10 days.


I love everything that comes with this pack. Thank you for offering this every month


The glass is perfect. It hits nicely and I can bring it everywhere

420 glass cleaner

It worked very well, I didn’t think It would get all the resin out of the bowl, but it did!

Awesome subscription

Totally love getting my mystery pack every month there's always awesome stuff inside n well over the $25 u barley spend for it every month. I loved my glass this month. My collection is growing so fast. Lol

Bob Marley papers

Love em! Light, easy to handle/roll, no paper taste, easily my fave

Peaches and Cream, A Dream

The peaches and cream juicy jays are amazing. They taste so good I could just lick them alone. But for smoking they’re even better. Not only do they taste well and smoke nice, but they’re durable. I love juicy jay joints.

The Artisan

Love it

Clear eye drops

They work amazing! :)

I love all the idems i get from you guess!!! Thank you for all the cool piece!!

I never received it.

Still working with costumer service they've been nice but I did pay for one puff pack and have never recieved it and have just been charged for another one, we'll see if this gets worked out...

Glass filters

Love it!! Works perfect!!!


I love it! The weight is great and strong. Perfect size. And the colour is awesome dark blue and purple sparkles.

Super cute

Loved the glass piece! It looked like a unicorn horn!

Love my piece of the month!

I absolutely love each and every piece i get. I am never disappointed. I even signed my dad up!


Love the puffpack. The piece i got was well needed lol. Yall came in clucth!!


When I got the pack I was extremely happy because it held everything I wanted and needed, I really enjoy the quality behind the box and would definitely order again.

Portable and Medium Hits

This has been my go to piece for the past few weeks. It's a really nice to piece to transport and easy to clean as well.

The only con I can think of is the bowl is a little to tiny and doesn't always make a permanent seal with the downstem

Artisan 2nd month

My 2nd month and totally awesome love the month glass cant wait to see what i get next month. I still have supplies left over from last month i guess i misunderstood i thought the whole box would be diffrent maybe a few the same but all in all very please still.

One hitters

I would be thinking they would be different but they both were the same


Loved what I recieved


It was great

A 3

It has the some of the somethings every month..


Mystery Pack


I purchased the mystery pack as a gift for my boyfriend. And I sort of wish I went with the artisan instead. It was definitely a great gift don’t get me wrong. I just think the the artisan comes with a lot more and is a few bucks cheaper.


Im subscribed to the mystery box. Ive recieved the Oct and now the Nov box and i gotta say, its the best decision ive made. Since ive been recieving These boxes, its made my life easier and there are no complaints on my end.

Puff pack is never a let down.

My partner and I really enjoy the glass of the month for October, unfortunately the life of that piece ended quickly and thankfully puff pack sells the glass of the month in their market for a reasonable price and we were able to replace it. So basically we liked it so much we ordered it twice and on a side note the mystery items are always epic and didn't know I needed it In my life till I had it in my hands. I recommend puff pack to all my friends and they haven't been disappointed.


The Artisan

5 stars

Lit supplies

Perfect size

It was my first bong and it was the perfect size!

1st order

Unfortunately our order arrived with a broken glass item. Customer service responded quickly & our replacement should be here any day.

My fisrt box

I must say that I was pleasently surprise! The delivery was fast and well packed my glass wear was intact. Can't wait to see what is in the next one


Bought this as a birthday surprise and it did not disappoint! Great quality

Puff Pack

Loved it I’d like to switch it up next month what are my options?


I was surprised with my glass of the month, I love it and use it daily

loved it!!

Had my favorite color and the piece was awesome.

puff pack

mystery item was awesome i loved all the products and hope i can get some better pacage next time

worth it when on sale

this was my first box experience and sadly the piece came broken. even more sadly they couldnt replace the exact piece and the first piece was much better than the second. but customer service was fast and polite. the glass cleaner is nice and smells pretty good for a cleaner. love the little lighter and eye drops. all in all its a good box, but i do think not on sale it's a bit pricey. would love to try one of their smaller boxes in the future


Great package comes just in time when your in need

Great product


Pointless item

Personally not something id use but still cool

I love my box!

I love getting the Artisan box monthly. I will add a mystery item occasionally and it’s always something awesome. I have had one box come with a cracked glass piece. All it took was an email, with photos and it was replaced quickly without issue.

Good value would recommend for new smokers.

I ordered it on a Saturday and it took them until next Monday for it to get to me, a little annoying but I'd say it was worth it, the tips and rolling papers are great, the lighter and himpwick are great too, I also liked that you get a random item too, I got a thing to turn a bottle into a bong and that's just really cool. The pack is just really good if you're a very active smoker and you need new things every month, it's also great if you're new at smoking and you need more things like papers, tips, a lighter and so on.

Great love it ...

Can't wait till next shipment. The glass was amazing.


Mystery Item

Cool mystery item

I didn’t find the mystery item useful but it was really cool

King Palms

These leaf wraps are some of the greatest things I’ve ever smoked out off. For one, you can really pack them tight and they will always hit hard. The corn husk filter really allows a smooth flow of smoke to come through. The leaf really does burn slow, they make it really great to smoke in big groups. Also, the fact that’s its pre rolled makes things so much quicker. I love these king palms and will definitely buy them again soon.

OG Tip

Great product but broke second day I had it which sucks !

Artisan puff pk

This was way cool we was at the edge of our seats waiting for the pk to arrive. Couldnt wait to see what we got. Everything was way cool cuase some items we seen in tje stores but never would buy so it was awesome.


Liked them