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Big pockets, small pockets and special razor-shaped pocket to help keep everything in its place.

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Fully open zipper top so you can see everything and find what you need.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Heavyweight, waxed canvas material and a sturdy bottom keeps spills out. Or in.

We truly take pride in making sure we go above and beyond for our members. You're our family, complete with all the fun cousins and crazy uncles.

Based on 3462 reviews
The artisan

The artisan was amazing. So amazing that this month we upgraded to the mystery pack! Can’t wait to see what this month has in store for us.

Loved it!

Well worth it’s value


Great pull and air flow. Very sturdy product it seems, think it will last me a long time. Definitely a new favorite purchase!!

This was great.

I'm. Not a huge fan of elements. But it was nifty how it all came together, great job!


Came very quickly and the quality was awesome

Ultimate Bang for Your Buck

I don’t normally do reviews but this was an awesome experience! The pack is so awesome and I haven’t even gotten to use/try everything yet. It’s jam packed full of stuff, and the glass piece is a beast. I discovered a scratch on the bowl and the clipper lighter they sent didn’t work so I contacted them, but fully expected to never get a response. Their support team responded so fast and had replacement pieces on the way the next day! I will definitely order again!

I loved it!

I was searching for the best weed subscription box while on a budget. I saw Puff Pack and their box was only $12! That’s it, 12 bucks and you get a glass piece. I used the piece and it’s nice, especially for stealth.

The Artisan
Love it

Love my new glass
My collection is growing


Freaking love puff pack came with everything I use and then sum.

Great products

I love getting my box every month. The products are always great and the glass pieces are always super cool.


These papers never let you down. Quality and reliable.

Loved the lighter!

I get to use the lighter forever since it can be refilled & i love the color too.


I used just about everything!!! Me and my boyfriend love it. We’re thinking of going up on price and what’s in the next upgraded box!!!! Butt for now we’ll stick with the mediator!!! Still also love the little glass pieces we get


Really cool box, small stuff but it’s great for the price. I got a really cool pipe

Good for the $

It was nice for the amount it cost. You get what you pay for!

Great Customer Service

Great service when my bong came in the mail broken. Could put a little more in box and maybe more personalized to puff pack with the items included. Exclusive stuff = more customers. Thats what we're looking for.

Fun box!!

I really enjoyed my puff pack mystery box! Great glass and good deal.

Not much honey flavor

Was hoping for a stronger honey flavor or some stickiness, but somewhat dry


For someone who’s always on the go, these were extremely easy to pack and just get it going


Got the wrong package and then my new package only had 4 items in it

Super cool piece

the box came with a super dope piece and some useful extras, however i expected a little more oomf


Decent for price, but doesn’t really grind weed

Loved it.

Nice looking piece. Smokes great.

I loved it

I loved the pack the glass was amazing.

First puff pack

I was very content with my first puff pack. Excited to see what comes next.