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Big pockets, small pockets and special razor-shaped pocket to help keep everything in its place.

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Fully open zipper top so you can see everything and find what you need.

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Heavyweight, waxed canvas material and a sturdy bottom keeps spills out. Or in.

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Dragon bowl

Really cool piece design but makes better art than a smoking piece

Puff perfect

Every time you pull something out of the box, you’re like whoa!!! Hahaha

Great !

I usually get the 12$ box but y’all hooked it up last month with things I wasn’t expecting. Y’all are awesome !

Puff pack review

Definitely satisfied n very impressed with the quality n quantities that come in the box definitely recommend to a friend and family

Loved the glass piece

It has some cool stuff in it but what I liked the most was the glsss pipe I got. I don’t smoke out of anything but pops and bongs so please don’t send me stuff for joints and wraps and stuff like that. But other than that I love it

Great piece

I absolutely love the mystery piece


Very happy with the puff pack


I mean it taste good. What else do you need

Economist puff pack perfect

Came in discreetly ship envelope and the economist puff pack was perfect for what I was looking for definitely order more


i was skeptical but when it arrived it was better then i expected!

The glass pipe was worth it

The rest .. Not so much ! If you use everything it sends then its worth it.. We just don't need a bunch of pipes ..

Great products

Everything in it was great was just hoping for a better quality grinder and be awesome to see a rolling tray added to the box

Always a beautiful piece!

I’ve ordered a couple of these now and I am always happy! The designs are all different, great colors, and haven’t noticed any big flaws which is great considering the price! Will be getting a few more for gifts in the future!


It was interesting to see the new stuff that is used now

The economisr

Great stuf inside but don’t know what one thing is used for. Other then that the piece was in good condition but the choice in glass was great w the design but had a weird air hole. It was the dragon

If you ever have any questions about the product you receive you can always send a photo of the item to our customer support and we will be able to explain it.
worth the pay

They work well and worth the pay


I loved it! Been ordering the mediator for a while and I’ve never been disappointed

Mystery pack

The Mystery Pack


Love the mystery box. Glass piece alone was worth the price. I will definitely continue to get my box!

The Mystery Pack

Not much variety, too many gimics

I was expecting the pack to have a bit more diversity in smoking methods. It was mostly cones, tips, and rolling paper. If that's your preferred method then that's fine. There was one pipe, and that made a good gift, but I was hoping to see something for those of use who use water pipes. But the biggest issue was that there was too much junk. It felt like a box of advertisements with some smoke stuff. there was a large 6x4in sticker, two smaller stickers (all 3 from the same company), a bag tag, a rubber bracelet a fake pen and fake mint tin for storing stuff, and some other junk that I cant remember at the moment. It really felt like a waste of money.

Gift a Pack
Not random

Got 2 boxes with the exact same “random” things in them

Loved my pack

Love the convenience of having these amazing craft pieces delivered