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Big pockets, small pockets and special razor-shaped pocket to help keep everything in its place.

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Fully open zipper top so you can see everything and find what you need.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Heavyweight, waxed canvas material and a sturdy bottom keeps spills out. Or in.

We truly take pride in making sure we go above and beyond for our members. You're our family, complete with all the fun cousins and crazy uncles.

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Nice for the price but....

Great if you just want to smoke without all the fancy smancy pipe and stuff but, I wish it come with a least hemp wick.

Awsome except for the bowl

This is my first box and I love everything in it. The one thing that concerns me is the bowl. It can still fit in the rig (or a bong) but if you turn upside down, it has an jagged edge that if not careful, you might get hurt. But other than that, I love it.


This pack was my first order. I loved everything inside and I just dont know what to do with the little stars though🤔 cute little bong, and some useful items. Doob tube was funny. Definitely looking forward to the next one😊💕

Hello, If you are ever unsure about what you get please email us asap and we will respond :)

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Mystery pack

Great product great price

Loved it!!

I absolutely LOVED the Mystery pack!! Can not wait for the next one!!


I wasn’t too sure about this subscription, but once I received it I was like wow!! Amazing everything you need for flower. I was really impressed and definitely recommended to my fellow potheads 😃

It was okay.

Nice glass piece but not worth $28. Should’ve been more papers or wraps or something else

Fun Stuff

Always enjoy the some of the niffty items from each package and monthly refill on lighters.

Fun mail!

All nice things


Piece was very nice and functional, bigger than expected for a glass piece but no complaints. Shape was a little off and there wasn't much to it design wise.

It was great

Great product and customer service

Really great variety, and quality. Perfect holiday gift. Customer service was excellent.

My favorite part about the subscription are the glass pieces, they are so cute! Awesome for a snap here or there! I just wish they came with filters.

Pipe Cleaners.

They work pretty well I couldn't get that pesky bowl tar out and these cleaners did the job! Most deff will be getting more.

Very tiny bubbler

I got my puff pack this month and expecting something amazing as always. Unfortunately this time I recieved a bubbler, now I do love bubblers but it seems this one was only meant to be used by an elf. Honestly the piece was extremely small and I do have large hands as well as a large beard. Although my guts said not to I still decided to try out this rediculously tiny piece. Big mistake on my part. I lit fire to this thing one time and immediately signed off about 5 inches of beard hair in an amazingly perfect circle.. so no I’d say I didn’t enjoy this months box.. in all boxes forward should I continue to shell out money to you every month. Please again please DO NOT send anymore pipes or bubblers that require baby hands.


THE ITEM IS NOT IN STOCK, they lie and hold your money and never send anything.

Hello, Please contact our customer service as soon as you can so we can help you with this issue.
Loved the bubbler

The bubbler and the lighter were very cool. The 100 dollar bill papers were pretty slick as well. It was fun opening and revealing what all was in the box.

Loved it

Great i love puff pack it had eveything i needed. I am about to order again.

Honest mistake

My glass piece was not complete.
Communication has been good I’m confident it will be resolved

Loved it!

Loved everything that was in it 🤗

The Economist


Got this for my brother and he was pleased- he said it was quality glass and it didn’t feel fragile.

Raw ash tray

It is so cute and cool I love it


A little loud banging it haha,but great