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Big pockets, small pockets and special razor-shaped pocket to help keep everything in its place.

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Fully open zipper top so you can see everything and find what you need.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Heavyweight, waxed canvas material and a sturdy bottom keeps spills out. Or in.

We truly take pride in making sure we go above and beyond for our members. You're our family, complete with all the fun cousins and crazy uncles.

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Smoke eaze

I was happy with the items I received until 3 days later the lighter broke on me
For the price I paid I was totally satisfied with the quality of the papers although I have never put a filter on my rollups before so I really didnt care to get them

The Mystery Pack


So my puff pack was great as always, minus the piece that did not have a hole in it. It was a very pretty glass turtle so I decided just to put it on my shelf.

Cool lil surprise...

I received my first Puff Pack a little while ago. This box was smaller than I expected, but had some good quality items in it. The box was very discreet and had some rolling papers, an organic blunt wrapper, some tips, a lighter and a glass one hitter. Pretty cool stuff. When I need more stuff, I'm gonna order a larger box! Puff Pack is awesome!

I like it but i was missing something

the pack was great. the only reason i gave it 4 stars is because when i got my pack in the mail and opened it, the hemp wrap pack only had 1 wrap in there, instead of 2


Honestly very disappointed in the pack I recieved lol. For the money soooo not worth what I recieved. Unfortunately Won’t be ordering again.

Mediator pack

Love my one hitter great products as always and I added the mystery item never disappointed. Might go back to the mystery box and up my glass collection

Love everything

Love the turtle bowl and EZPipe

So not worth the money

Not very happy! I paid for the best mystery pack and I got the cheap one.... I didn’t even get what I paid for ( which is annoying because I paid a total of $100 aus.

Well worth it!!

Raw isn't my favorite paper, but this pack is worth every penny! Comes in a simple yet nifty box. A pack of papers, tips, and a good lighter. What more could you ask for at that price?!?
Thanks Puff Pack!

Cutest turtle ever!!!

I absolutely loved my puff pack this month! The turtle glass was epic! I hope next months box is even better!!

First puff pack

I loved the glass turtle pipe, and all the extras were wonderful and will be useful. Looking forward to next months pack.

Puff pack

Geart stuff my Bady next mouth can’t want to get other

Mystery pack

I loved everything in it

Fucking loved it

Put my friend on his ass.

Turtle pipe saves the day

The pipe was adorable! I got this for a gift for my boyfriend, and he said the Puff Pack would be worth it if it always came with a cute sea creature glass piece. However, the rest of it was just meh. For someone who rolls a lot, sure, pretty fun. Not for us though.

Good little grinder!

I love this little grinder. It's simple and works really well without being overly complicated. I need 5 more to have one in every stoner kit!


First time ordering my puff pack and I was amazed at the mystery piece and the quality products

The mystery pack

I received my first mystery pack and I loved the cute little turtle pipe. It was awesome. Just enough to keep it going for one more month. I did receive an email saying my puff pack had been shipped. It took 2 weeks before it finally arrived. Not sure if that's normal for them or not. I guess I will find out next month.

My Artisan pack

I really liked the glass turtle piece inside mine, I was a little disappointed that my flavored cones wouldn't stop cracking as I tried to use them, I couldn't use any, but other than that I love everything I got. I love my EZ pipe as well. I'm not much of a joint person but I like how they give you a lot of papers if you do.


Shocked what you get for the price all I can say is keep them coming love it thank you ladies and gentlemen

Good box!

Love the turtle bowl and the grinder! Also papers and wraps so I don't have to go to the gas station!

Great tasting

Juicy Jays are my favorite!

Pack review

I love the packs but id like to get an actual bong once in a while ive gotten 3 pipes and i dont even use them just sits there, and i dont mind not getting rolling papers and all the other goodies if a bong was included :)