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Big pockets, small pockets and special razor-shaped pocket to help keep everything in its place.

Cancel Anytime

Fully open zipper top so you can see everything and find what you need.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Heavyweight, waxed canvas material and a sturdy bottom keeps spills out. Or in.

We truly take pride in making sure we go above and beyond for our members. You're our family, complete with all the fun cousins and crazy uncles.

Based on 3130 reviews
Super awesome

Completely worth the purchase!

Mediator pack

Got a great bang for my buck for 10$!


The glass was alright (pickle rick) and the papers were cool. The nicest thing was the tin box with a rolling machine and tips.

Was not that good

Mystery pack

Loved the pack. A lot of neat accessories and love the glass piece. Added it to my collection

Pickle Rick

Loved it!!

Cool lighter

It’s a clipper so it’s always a good lighter and this had a cool design

Pickle Rick!!

It was definitely a nice looking piece and works as it’s supposed to. There are no complaints, just looking forward to continue using it :)

Puff Pack review

Hey guys,

I recently ordered 2 of your premium puff packs for my employees as an Employee of the Month reward. I was very pleased and I will most definitely be ordering this monthly! The glass was nice and the accessories were perfect for this kind of prize. Thanks and great job guys!

I love love loveeee it! Very good quality

Mystery one hitter piece.

The mystery one hitter piece was a small, well made glass with good airflow and a simplistic design. Easy to use and good for a before bed indica sesh.


The glass piece I got was small but cute


The pipe was smaller than it appears in the video

First time ordering

I was expecting more. Cute elephant piece though.


This subscription box was one of the best ones I've had and it has so many essential items in it.

love it


It was good came with very useful items

Very much worth the purchase.

I am very pleased with my mediator puff pack. Especially with the surprise glass piece i got in it. Raw are my favorite rolling papers also.


I feel like I got more than what I paid for!very excited for another month!

Amazing Quality

This company has the right idea! So happy that I can get everything I need in one place, and quality products at that! Def will keep ordering!

Kick ash

Had a lot of neat things in it and a really nice glass piece definitely excited for more

Great products

I’m really satisfied with the monthly glass pieces and accessories.

I enjoyed my puff pack

I thank you. The last review email i cld not open - i enjoyed my puff pack all products included were fun & necessary for my use.

Something new

I totally like the my mystery pack. Got things I would of never tried in the first place.