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For the connoisseur craving a luxurious smoking experience.

Included in your pack each month

  • 10+ mystery items
  • New products each month
  • Always quality name brands
  • Always worth $160+ in store
  • Mystery Premium Glass ($130+ value)
  • Exclusive premium items

+ $11 shipping to Canada
+ $16 shipping to Canada
+ $20 shipping to non US/ CA
***Glass may be different than thumbnail photo. Pack is always valued at $120+

*Supply extremely limited
*10 spots added


No random fees, no membership fees. Only pay for exactly what’s in your pack.


Cancel your membership anytime with just the click of a button. We won’t ever lock you in.


If you’re unhappy for any reason, our support team will make it right.

We truly take pride in making sure we go above and beyond for our members. You're our family, complete with all the fun cousins and crazy uncles.

Customer Reviews

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Really nice pack.

Honestly, the glass came and it was broken, so I messaged the support and within about 30 minutes they responded saying that they’ll send one, everything else in the pack is amazing.

puff pack premium club

This was my first puff pack and the premium pack is quality over quantity, the glass piece looks and functions apsolutely amazing. I use everything given in the box, quick and fast delivery and i cant wait for next months box.

Still a Dope Pack

I had received an email from Puff Pack after ordering my Tank Glass bong on the individual page, (different story) concerning the Premium Club, and how it was top of the line, limited to only 25 different people a month, and I had a chance to fill one of those positions. I was instantly stoked, clicked on the link, and in the end thought the price was worth everything described and pictured on the page. This was my first time ordering with Puff Pack and I couldn't wait for my package to arrive, it took a good week or so but when I finally did get to the unboxing reveal I was dying for, I was somewhat dissapointed. It came with alot of cool stuff and a really nice piece (bong), but it was nowhere near as much stuff as the website makes it seem. It just didn't feel like the peice was worth 130+, or that what I received was even 160+ worth of items from the Puff Pack Store. Although I am going to continue with my subscription one more time just to make sure it wasn't a possible mix up, or "bad box" it honestly kinda makes me nervous to go with the Premium Club again due to the price and the lack of items. Although, like I said I'm hoping that it was just a mix up but if not I'm gonna have to regrettably go with a cheaper pack. I'm open to hearing from you guys about the whole situation.


I really enjoyed the glasssware in this last one.


The glass peace that came with the box was nice, but I received more filler products with the $28 box I think it’s called the mystery pack.